Nutridose B-12 10,000mcg 12ct
  • Convenient Vial Delivery System
  • With Complete Liquid B-Complex
  • Mixed Berry Flavor
  • A Dietary Supplement
  • Vegetarian Formula

B-Vitamins are essential components in most major metabolic reactions as they play an important role in energy production, including the metabolism of lipids, carbohydrates, and proteins.  Vitamin B12 facilitates energy production and is required for nucleic acid (DNA) synthesis, methionine synthesis from cysteine, and normal myelin synthesis in the nervous system.  Along with vitamin B6 and folic acid, adequate levels of vitamin B12 are required to maintain healthy plasma homocysteine levels.*

The elderly and strict vegetarians are often at risk for Vitamin B12 deficiency, either due to low dietary intake or decreased absorption.  B12 10,000 mcg Nutri-Dose™ is a convenient and palatable liquid formulation that is absorbed quickly by the body, delivering rapid, energizing nutrition.*

  • Manufacturer: Protocol for Life

Nutridose B-12 10,000mcg 12ct

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